Professional Coaching Package

A complete and competitive package to get you hired. Fast!

Why you need a coach

Do you know exactly the job you would really like to have, or do you plan on getting a job similar to the one you have had until now?

The difference can be huge in terms of personal fulfilment, productivity and revenue. Doing what you really want to do will give you a motivation like no other job will, and with passion comes creativity, better ideas and increased performance; before you know it, you become a top contributor at your new company with the promotions attached to it. Think about the satisfaction of waking up in the morning looking forward to go to work to do what you really like!

As a coach our job is to help you identify your ideal job, the ideal companies to work for, then to help you connect with them and guide you in the development of the relationships in the open and in the hidden job markets. We build your profile and make you visible on Linkedin®, the largest professional network, we give you the tools and techniques you need, we present your Résumé / CV in person to recruiters and hiring managers. A lot more is included. See below.

What is included:

10 hours one-on-one coaching sessions to

  • Assess your career
  • Help you define your Value Proposition or USP and your Elevator Pitch
  • Help you define your job search strategy
  • Help you define your ideal job and ideal companies to work for
  • Coach you to approach such companies at the appropriate level in the hidden job market
  • Give you detailed guidance to optimize (or create) your LinkedIn® presence (profile, groups, contacts, communication, search techniques)
  • Give you detailed guidance to optimize your Résumé and Cover Letters
  • Prepare you for your job interviews

Our package also comprises

  • Contacting the Linked-Initiatives recruiter network in Europe and / or in the USA  to identify opportunities and present your Résumé
  • Unlimited email reviews of your USP, Job Search plan, LinkedIn® profile and Résumé
  • 90 days email support after the last session. During the support period you can continue sending us your applications for review.