Social Selling for Sales Professionals

Are you a sales professional who needs more leads? Are you using LinkedIn® as a professional sales tool? LinkedIn® is, by far, the largest professional network in use today with 477+ million members.

Do you use Social Selling or do you still do lots of cold calling and cold emailing?

We show you how to use the latest search techniques and find your target prospects by training you to use LinkedIn® like a sales pro or by accompanying you throughout your Social Selling journey. Your choice!

The Benefits of Learning How to Use LinkedIn® Like a Pro

Our LinkedIn® 1 day training will teach you how to…

  • Identify your target market on LinkedIn®
  • Create or optimize your Company Page
  • Create a visible business platform for you and your colleagues – profiles – activity
  • Showing you how to listen & follow your prospects on other Social platforms such as Twitter®
  • Train you on how to Socially Sell on LinkedIn®

The Benefits of guiding you through your Social Selling journey

Accompanying you over 6 to 8 months so that your company reaps the benefits of Social Selling…

  • We create or optimize your LinkedIn® company page and executive profiles
  • We accompany you in your Social Selling activity on LinkedIn®
  • We help you engage with your target market
  • We help you negotiate and close the deal