LinkedIn® Killer profile builder

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After producing a good CV or resume, many people fail to take advantage of their LinkedIn® profile; they are not found in Search Results because they do not rank for their keywords, have a poor headline and summary, their skills and achievements are not sufficiently highlighted and are often incomplete; they typically also do not have enough connections and are often part of few groups.

An optimised LinkedIn® profile is the key to appearing in a top position in Search Results on LinkedIn® and Google and to being found by recruiters and hiring managers. We can help you get this right.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network that brings together professionals, employers and job seekers; what we offer is a method to professionally brand yourself and stand out from the rest. A LinkedIn® expert will review your LinkedIn® profile, or guide you on how to create one, and give you advice and tips so that your profile will show up and you will differentiate yourself from your competition.

Whether you are looking for a career opportunity (or looking to launch your career) or you are in transition looking for new challenges, the LinkedIn® Killer Profile Builder is a must have.

What is included:

  • A total of 3 one-to-one 1 hour sessions to gain an understanding of your career and guide you in the optimization of your Linkedin® profile
  • The result  is your professional LinkedIn® profile created or completely optimized for your keywords and appearing with a good ranking in Linkedin search results

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