Optimize your presence on Linkedin®

With its 467+ million users worldwide, LinkedIn® is the largest professional network available today. If you are a LinkedIn® member, you stand to profit from this very unique platform that is today the preferred tool for recruiters and hiring managers.

Despite its reach, many profiles do not appear in a top position in Search results because their profiles are not optimized, they typically also do not have enough connections and they are often part of few groups. Do not let this happen to you!

The first thing to do on LinkedIn® is to create or optimize your LinkedIn® profile.

Once you have your profile optimized, what are the next steps?

Consider the following questions:

Do you know how to write invitations and messages that are never turned down?

Have you chosen the perfect groups for you? Are you sure that you are not overloaded with groups that only make you waste your time?

Do you know the LinkedIn® etiquette?

Are you sharing content that makes you stand out?

Do you have several hundred connections?

If you have answered “No” or “I don’t know” to the above, you need to optimize your presence on LinkedIn®.

What is included:

90 minutes consulting one-on-one with a Linkedin® expert to learn:

  • How to communicate on LinkedIn® – invitations, jobs, business opportunities
  • Best Linkedin® groups to be part of
  • What to share to be visible on Linkedin®
  • Publishing on Linkedin®
  • How to increase your number of connections in order to extend your network and your reach

Please note that to rip full benefits from this consulting package you should have optimized your LinkedIn profile. If you are not sure your profile is optimized, you may want to consider our LinkedIn® Profile Review, our Linked – Hacking or having your profile created or optimized with one of the following packages: LinkedIn® Killer Profile Builder Done For You or the LinkedIn® Killer Profile Builder Do It Yourself.